“Good Morning America” Host Michael Strahan Discloses His Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis

(NewsSpace.com) – Once revered as an explosive defensive end for the New York Giants, life looks a little different for Michael Strahan these days. Since his retirement, he has been a prominent presence on daytime and sports television as a news anchor. In 2016, he joined “Good Morning America,” and it’s there that he recently revealed his daughter’s medical struggles.

Strahan is the father of 19-year-old twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. Isabella was recently diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and had emergency surgery to remove the tumor. Strahan remained mostly mum on the topic, saying he wasn’t sure if Isabella would want her troubles publicized. However, she has since taken matters into her own hands and sat down with GMA anchor Robin Roberts.

Isabella detailed her story, which started with her not feeling well at college. She attends the University of Southern California, and she started having extreme headaches along with bouts of nausea and the inability to walk straight. Initially, she thought vertigo was to blame, and as the condition persisted, she told her sister, Sophia, about her symptoms. Sophia shared the story with the rest of the family, and Strahan convinced her to go to the doctor.

It’s a good thing he did, because she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, which, when diagnosed early, has a more than 70% survival rate. Once the MRI showed she had a 4-centimeter tumor at the base of her brain, she underwent emergency surgery to remove it.

Her troubles only continued from there. Isabella had to learn how to walk again, which she did with her twin sister’s help. She also had to have radiation therapy for six weeks, and she is honest in saying she doesn’t remember much of her recovery. It’s not over yet, either. In February, she’ll head to Duke University in North Carolina, where she is expected to begin chemotherapy. Isabella says her prognosis is good, though, and these days, she’s “feeling good.”

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