Greta Gerwig Reacts to Jo Koy’s “Barbie” Jokes During the Golden Globes

( – The Golden Globes are an annual award ceremony that has been held since 1944. It is aimed at honoring those who excel in television and film, both in America and internationally. The 81st Golden Globes Awards took place on Sunday, January 7, and were hosted by comedian Jo Koy. Some of his jokes fell flat, however, particularly when referencing the “Barbie” movie. The director of the film, Greta Gerwig, had a surprising reaction to his jabs.

During the open monologue, Koy wasted no time putting the movie about the plastic doll that took America by storm decades ago in his crosshairs. He waxed poetic about “Oppenheimer” and its depth being “based on the Manhattan Project,” then turned to “Barbie,” which he said “is about a plastic doll with big b–bies.” The joke fell quite flat, and nobody in the audience seemingly laughed at it. Even singer Selena Gomez was appalled if her burying her face in her hands was an indication of her feelings.

However, the film’s director, Gerwig, had a simple statement about it, saying, “Well, he’s not wrong.” And that’s the truth. Gerwig references the doll’s history and says it’s the first one that “was mass-produced with breasts, and he was right on,” according to NBC News. She elaborated further, saying that Barbie herself, despite the doll’s popularity, “has no character, no story; she’s there to be projected on.”

That wasn’t the only joke that Koy had about Barbie. He referenced her change from a beautiful icon “to bad breath, and cellulite, and flat feet” and then referenced those changes as “character acting.” He also tried to play off the fact that nobody was laughing by passing the bill, saying the jokes people were laughing at were the ones he wrote and the others, including “Barbie” jokes, weren’t.

“Barbie” went into the Golden Globes with 10 nominations and walked away with the win for cinematic and box office achievement and for best song for “What Was I Made For,” by Billie Eilish and Finneas.

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