House Republicans Are Flocking To Visit Trump Trial

( – Former President Donald Trump is in the midst of a criminal trial in Manhattan. He’s accused of falsifying business records to cover up alleged hush-money payments. Many people have thrown their support behind the former leader, including several House Republicans who have shown up to his trial proceedings.

Over the past few weeks, several Republicans have visited Manhattan, showing up to support Trump and commenting to the media afterward. On Thursday, May 16, they made their biggest showing. Approximately 12 House Republicans made the trip, including Reps. Matt Gaetz (FL), Lauren Boebert (CO), Bob Good (VA), and Anna Paulina Luna (FL).

Gaetz spoke to the media lined up outside the courthouse, ready to hear the GOP’s comments. The Florida representative said the group was acting as the former president’s mouthpiece, “because there are things [they] can say that President Trump is unjustly not allowed to say.” He was referencing the gag order Judge Juan Merchan put in place before the trial began. Gaetz also slammed the judge and one of the prosecution’s witnesses, former attorney Michael Cohen, who admitted on the stand to being Trump’s fixer.

Rep. Good accused Democrats of trying to “rig” the 2024 election in their favor, and Luna just commented on Trump’s disposition, saying “He’s in good spirits” and “doing well.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) also visited the Big Apple. His visit was on Tuesday, May 14, and prompted outrage from Democrats. According to Axios, some even suggested that his trip to Manhattan may play against him should there be another motion to vacate his seat.

Some speculate the visits are theatrics because the Republicans who traveled to Manhattan are currying favor — or wanting to be Trump’s vice presidential pick. Others are calling out the GOP members for making the trip and delaying work that needs to be done in the lower chamber. Not all House Republicans are on board with the visits, calling for their colleagues to get back to the job.

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