How Important American Military Technology Is Under Chinese Control

( – The United States is the strongest military power in the world, but it relies on many other countries to get the parts and technology it needs to build its vehicles and equipment. One of those nations is China. Now, a former US Army Major is expressing his concerns about the US’s reliance on the Asian giant and how it could impact military readiness in the future.

Maj. Gen. John G. Ferrari spoke exclusively with, expressing that he had “grave concerns” about how much the US depends on China. For instance, he says that American defense systems rely heavily on Chinese manufacturers to provide the raw materials and critical technology they need for their equipment. He says it’s in everything, from the missiles the US uses to its fighter jets. If China decided to cut off its supply lines, which it could do, that could have a serious effect on the US military and cripple its ability to arm itself.

In the past, the US has had to suspend deliveries and halt production due to issues with Chinese-supplied parts and materials. In 2022, for example, F-35 fighter jets were found to contain a banned alloy, and the Pentagon halted delivery. Ten years prior to that, the military found counterfeit parts in the Stryker mobile gun used by the US Army.

Ferrari said the time to start preparing for that eventuality is now, especially with China’s increasing focus on Taiwan. Failure to prepare, he says, could lead to the US being unable “to build the planes and weapons” it needs, especially in a war with China should it come to that.

China already has a strong grip on technologies that are vital to US national security. A recent report revealed that where the US used to have a high “domestic production capability,” it is now “a shriveled shadow of its former self,” with “crucial categories… no longer built in any of the 50 states.”

Ferrari also warns that the US lacks the capacity to build its components here and that there is no quick solution available. Disentangling from Chinese reliance could take a decade or more.

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