If He Doesn’t Get Immunity, Trump Vows To Prosecute Biden

(NewsSpace.com) – Former President Donald Trump is facing multiple criminal trials, including for the events of January 6, 2021. He claims that his actions on that day were made in an official capacity, and therefore, he has presidential immunity. This claim has been widely disputed in courts and recently landed before the Supreme Court, which heard arguments and is expected to make a decision this summer. However, should he not receive blanket immunity, Trump has threatened to prosecute President Joe Biden if he’s reelected.

TIME Magazine published an interview with the former president on April 30, in which he discussed multiple topics with journalist Eric Cortellessa. One of those subjects was the issue of immunity, which he was a bit wishy-washy about.

For example, Trump said if he’s reelected, he would appoint a “real special prosecutor” to investigate and potentially prosecute Biden. Then said he wouldn’t “want to hurt” him because he has “too much respect for the office.”

Almost immediately, though, he brought up the subject of the SCOTUS ruling, noting, “If they said that a President doesn’t [have] immunity, then Biden… will be prosecuted for all of his crimes.” It’s worth noting that Biden has not been charged with any crimes and a House investigation into him and his family has yielded little results.

Trump also said that firing prosecutors who refused his orders would be possible, and “It would depend on the situation.” Such an action, former US Appellate Judge Michael McConnell said, would be catastrophic and unprecedented. It would also call into question the integrity of American law enforcement.

At the SCOTUS hearing, the justices heard oral arguments for nearly three hours on the issue of presidential immunity. While they seemed to entertain the idea that Trump may be protected to some degree, the idea of blanket immunity didn’t sit well with them. If they rule that presidents do have a degree of immunity, the case will likely be returned to a lower court to determine if that applies to any of Trump’s actions.

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