Israel Working To Prevent ICC Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu And Other Officials

( – Three years ago, the International Criminal Court (ICC), known as the Hague, began investigating the circumstances surrounding the 2014 Israel-Hamas war, looking into potential war crimes committed by both sides. Israel reportedly fears that arrest warrants for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking officials are imminent and is taking measures to prevent them.

Israel has been relentlessly attacking Palestine in its goal to eliminate Hamas once and for all. The battle between the two is one for the ages, and the animosity on both sides has continued for years. In the midst of this conflict, many have pointed the finger at the Jewish state for committing crimes against humanity, particularly genocide, but Palestine is facing accusations as well.

The ICC spoke with NBC News recently and noted that there was “an ongoing independent investigation” but that it had “no further comment to make at this stage.” It did not mention any potential upcoming arrests, but Israel isn’t so sure. This fear has prompted high-ranking officials to reportedly begin working with diplomatic ties to prevent the ICC from issuing arrest warrants. In addition to Netanyahu, senior military officials, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, are purportedly in the crosshairs.

Israel does not recognize the Hague’s jurisdiction, and arrest warrants are likely to be more of a symbolic rebuke than anything, as they will not result in jail time. However, they could impede the officials’ travel throughout Europe.

Netanyahu addressed the rumors publicly on X, formerly Twitter, saying that any attempt from the ICC “to seize the soldiers and officials of the Middle East’s only democracy… is outrageous” and the country “will not bow to it,” nor will it “never stop defending” itself.

In addition to the ICC, the International Court of Justice is also reportedly investigating Israel to determine if any war-related crimes have been committed.

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