Israeli Missile Strike Leads To Fire, Dozens Dead In Rafah

( – Israel has been relentlessly pursuing Hamas, seeking to eradicate the militant group that launched a surprise attack and killed 1,200 people last October. Over the past few months, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have focused on Rafah, a Gaza city near the border of Egypt. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced multiple calls to abort the plan to invade Rafah because of the Palestinians seeking refuge there. However, he has remained steadfast in his mission, and a recent Israeli strike proves that.

On Tuesday, May 28, Gaza’s civil defense said Israeli artillery fire was responsible for injuring dozens of people and killing at least 45. The Israeli military initially reported that it carried out a precise airstrike on one of the militant group’s compounds, killing two senior Hamas members, and “did not strike in the humanitarian area in al-Mawasi,” per The Washington Post. However, the strike also killed civilians, something the IDF said it was opening an investigation into. At least 64 others were injured in the attack.

Witnesses described the scene as shocking, with “blood everywhere, people slaughtered.” One witness, Mohammed Abuassa, talked about how they pulled out “children who were in pieces” as well as young and old people alike, calling the fire “unreal.”

Netanyahu acknowledged the attack on the tent encampment on Sunday, May 26, was the result of a “tragic mishap,” but did not go into any further detail about the incident. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari spoke with reporters and said that the IDF used “the smallest munition that our jets can use.”

On Tuesday, the IDF issued a statement saying it suspected that a storehouse of munitions was responsible for the real blast, not its targeted attack, and that the munitions it used weren’t large enough to cause that type of reaction. The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday as well to discuss the strike and its consequences.

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