James Crumbley Manslaughter Trial Underway

(NewsSpace.com) – On November 30, 2021, Ethan Crumbley opened fire at Oxford High School in Michigan, killing four and injuring seven others. In the weeks and months that followed, not only was the teen charged with murder and other offenses, but his parents were, too. In February, a jury found his mother, Jennifer Crumbley, guilty of manslaughter. Now, the trial for his father, James Crumbley, has begun.

On Thursday, March 7, both sides presented opening statements. Prosecutor Marc Keast began stating his case by arguing that Mr. Crumbley, as Ethan’s father, could be held liable for his son’s actions, even if he didn’t have direct knowledge of the teen’s plans. Keast argued that instead of getting his son help after a disturbing drawing surfaced crying for help, he turned a blind eye. Ethan opened fire that same day.

The defense said Crumbley didn’t think there was an imminent threat, so he never considered the need to protect others from his son.

After opening statements, the prosecution began introducing evidence to the jury. This included photos of the gun and where the Crumbleys kept it secure in their home. Then, they went through the events of the day, including how the Crumbleys met with school officials earlier in the day because of the aforementioned drawing that showed a bloody scene and a message noting that the thoughts wouldn’t stop.

The parents said they couldn’t take him home because they had to work. There were two witnesses called on the trial’s first day: Molly Darnell, an educator in the school district, and Edward Wagrowski, who worked for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office as a computer crimes expert at the time of the shooting.

Darnell was one of the people to see the shooter and witness the tragedy firsthand, while Wagrowski analyzed data from cell phones, computers, and social media.

Like his wife, Mr. Crumbley is also facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the teens who died on that fateful day. Mrs. Crumbley has already been convicted of the four counts. She goes before the courts for her sentencing on April 9.

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