John Ramsey Says Police In Colorado Are “Just Waiting” For Him To Pass Away

( – It’s been nearly 28 years since JonBenet Ramsey died on Christmas Day in 1996. The child beauty queen was murdered in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado, at the age of six. She was found beaten and strangled to death, with the apparatus used to kill her still around her neck. While police initially blamed her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, they ultimately decided the evidence didn’t point to them. Now, John Ramsey has spoken out, saying the police are “just waiting” for him to die.

Ramsey, who is now 80 years old, has been keeping the pressure on the police ever since his daughter died. Nearly 28 years later, there are still no answers in the case, nor have any other suspects been named. Ramsey says that there is a trove of evidence police collected that he is trying to get permission to have an independent genetic genealogy company conduct testing on. That includes a pair of the child’s underwear that tested positive for male DNA in 1997.

In an interview at the end of May with Fox News Digital that took place at a true-crime convention, CrimeCon, Ramsey says he “heard, reliably, that one of the members of the police department” spoke with a journalist and said, “We’re just waiting for John Ramsey to die.” He implied that upon his death, there would be no more pressure on the police to keep digging into the case, calling the statement and implication “disgusting.”

Interim Boulder Police Chief Stephen Redfearn also spoke with Fox News Digital and refuted the claim, saying the department has been “working to solve this horrible crime and bring justice” to the young girl. He also noted that he is in regular contact with Mr. Ramsey.

As for his death, Ramsey said he will “be around for a good while,” but even after he’s gone, John Andrew Ramsey, his son, will take up where his father left off.

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