Joint Chiefs Chair Cautions That Iran Would Support Hezbollah

( – Ever since Hamas attacked Israel back in October, the two parties have engaged in a firestorm of a conflict. But, now there’s another party involved, too: Hezbollah. Hezbollah, like Hamas, is a militant group backed by Iran, only it’s primarily located in Lebanon. Israel has threatened to engage in an “all-out war” with the group, which has led to a warning from a US official.

Air Force General CQ Brown, who serves as chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that US troops could be at risk if Israel invades Lebanon. It would likely spark a conflict with Iran, too, which Brown said “would be more inclined to support Hezbollah,” especially if the militant group “was being significantly threatened.”

The warning comes at a time when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the conflict in Gaza is slowing down. However, he’s made it clear that he will take on Hezbollah, too. That would be an even bloodier conflict as Hezbollah is larger in stature, with at least 100,000 troops ready to go in the event they’re called into action and more in reserve. Then, there’s the issue of its munitions stock, which isn’t small. Netanyahu, regardless, is insistent that the Jewish state “will restore security to the north” via one method or another.

US officials have commented on the possibility as well. National Security spokesperson John Kirby said that a second conflict isn’t ideal and hopes that both sides will fall back on a diplomatic solution rather than engage in more tensions. He said the US is “doing everything [it] can to try to prevent that outcome.” One of those plans includes a proposal the US put forth, but that would require Hamas and Israel to agree to a ceasefire, and there’s still no guarantee that even if they do, Hezbollah would even entertain the deal.

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