Jordanian Air Force Drops Assistance Into Gaza

( – Israel and Hamas have been at war since October 7, when the militant group launched a surprise attack by land, sea, and air. More than 10,000 people have died in Gaza, which Israel cut off from necessities in mid-October, and more than 70% have fled their homes. Israel’s air attacks haven’t stopped, and getting humanitarian aid in is proving to be difficult. However, the Jordanian Air Force managed to drop some assistance to Gaza.

On Monday, November 6, King Abdullah II announced that Jordan’s air force had delivered “urgent medical aid” to a field hospital because it was short on supplies. They dropped the necessities via parachutes and coordinated the effort with the Israeli military. The drop also reportedly included food supplies. On X, formerly Twitter, King Abdullah said it was his country’s “duty to aid [its] brothers and sisters injured in the war on Gaza.”

Israel, on the other hand, has shown no signs of letting up its assault on Gaza until it gets its hostages back and destroys the terrorists. As of the time of writing, fuel in the region has run out, and Israel’s military is focusing on a ground assault in Gaza City to eradicate Hamas. Additionally, airstrikes have rained down on the area and have hit UN facilities, where many are taking shelter, trying to escape the bloody war outside their doors. One such strike damaged a hospital’s solar panels, which it was using to keep power on with the aid of one generator.

Meanwhile, in the US, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Joe Biden are pressing the two sides for a pause to let humanitarian aid into the embattled Gaza Strip as well as get the hostages out. Israel has rejected such ideas from the US and also resisted calls for a ceasefire from Arab countries in the Middle East.

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