Judge Addresses Family Affronts Made By Donald Trump

(NewsSpace.com) – Former President Donald Trump has no problem speaking out about those he feels have wronged him. When Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing one of the criminal cases against Trump, issued a non-dissemination (gag) order, the former president couldn’t help but lash out. His ramblings have drawn the ire of a federal judge.

Trump is currently facing 34 charges stemming from allegations that he falsified business records to cover up a hush-money payment to former adult star, Stormy Daniels. He has been slapped with a gag order preventing him from talking publicly about the prosecutors—except District Attorney Alvin Bragg, jurors, witnesses, and court staff and their families. However, Merchan did not exclude himself or his family from the order, so Trump has taken it upon himself to go after Loren Merchan, Judge Merchan’s daughter. That didn’t go over well with US District Judge Reggie Walton.

Walton, who was nominated by former President George W. Bush, made it clear that Trump is out of bounds with his statements. He said attacks on judges are “particularly problematic” when they can be considered threatening, per Newsweek. Walton also acknowledged that judges have to do their jobs in the face of these threats, and they “still have an obligation to ensure that everybody who comes into [their] courtroom is treated fairly.”

However, Walton continued, Trump’s actions are “very troubling, because [they are] an attack on the rule of law,” which is “something that’s wrong and should not happen.” He was cryptic in his statements, not naming the former president directly, but rather quoting him as someone with “status in our society.”

Judge Walton is not the only one to speak out. US District Judge Thomas Hogan also called out the behavior of the January 6 participants and the painting of them in a more favorable light as ” a danger.” US District Judge Royce Lamberth also made his opinion on current events clear, saying he hasn’t seen such “distortions and outright falsehoods” in his nearly 40 years on the bench.

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