Lauren Boebert Fuming Over Migrant Hosting Initiative

( – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is known for being outspoken, especially against the border crisis and immigrants pouring into the country. She’s one of Congress’ hardline Republicans who criticizes the Biden administration regularly while pushing far-right talking points. One of the initiatives in her home state capital has her up in arms once again.

Denver non-profit agency Hope Has No Borders has been helping to place migrants in sponsors’ homes for the past 16 months in an attempt to help mitigate the crisis. In its latest attempt, it created a hotline, asking city residents who have extra room and want to sponsor an immigrant to call to have one placed with them. They qualify if they have “any spare room, basement, rental, ADU, or Airbnb” available for at least three months. The non-profit is offering “structured leases” as well as financial assistance to help the hosts.

Boebert took to X, formerly Twitter, to make her displeasure about the initiative known. In a post, she said it’s “the most asinine and ridiculous thing [she’s] ever heard” and that it’s necessary to “close the damn border” in order to “have some semblance of a sovereign nation again.” Such initiatives, she says, make other nations around the world think the US is “a joke.”

Yet, some of Colorado’s residents don’t feel the same and are happy to help. One host, Erin Lennon, who has been offering assistance since last year, said that the people she’s helped, a family of four from Chile, are “extremely hard workers” who “want to succeed.”

Denver has spent nearly $70 million in approximately 18 months to help more than 41,000 migrants. Mayor Mike Johnston (D) announced in April that the city was implementing a new program that would help 1,000 migrants seeking asylum by placing them in apartments for up to six months as part of a transitionary period.

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