Leading Automakers Have Recalled Almost 700,000 Cars

(NewsSpace.com) – When automakers learn of a possible safety issue with one of their vehicles, they issue a recall notice so customers can address the problem. Over the years, with more oversight in the industry, there have been an increasing number of notices sent out. In June, so far, there have been nearly 700,000 recalls from several manufacturers.

Here’s which vehicles have been affected:

On June 3, Ford Motor Company issued a recall, number 24S36, for more than 8,000 of its 2024 Mustang vehicles. The issue exists within the clutch line, which the automaker says may not be properly secured and could come into contact with the hot exhaust components. If that happens, the heat could melt the pressure line and cause a brake fluid leak, resulting in a possible loss of drive power and a crash hazard. Notification letters will be sent out on June 17 and customers can contact the dealer to make an appointment to have the part inspected.

On May 30, Honda recalled nearly 115,000 of its 2019–2022 HR-V and 2018–2020 Fit cars due to a failure with the rearview camera. The image may not display when drivers start the vehicles with a key due to an audio display power circuit design error. The defect is a failure to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Vehicle owners will be notified by July 8 and Honda will update the software at no cost.

Toyota also issued a recall notice for just over 102,000 vehicles. The 2022–2023 Lexus LX600 and Tundra trucks with V35A engines are at the center of the notice. Toyota said that there could be debris from manufacturing contaminating the engine, which could lead to the failure of the engine’s main bearings. If the main bearings cease to work, it could result in a drive power loss and engine stall, both of which increase the possibility of crashing. There is no current remedy available, but the automaker is set to notify customers of the safety issue on July 15 and will send an update after the fix is ready.  Recall numbers for this are 24LB04/24LA04 and 24TB07/24TA07.

On June 5, Kia issued the largest recall of those listed, which impacted nearly 463,000 of its Telluride, model years 2020–2024. A front power seat motor could overheat, causing a fire hazard. As a result, Kia has advised those who own the car to park it outside to avoid fire spreading to a structure and causing more damage. Letters will be sent to Kia owners by July 30 and they can get the part replaced for free.

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