Marco Rubio May Not Accept The Results Of The Upcoming 2024 Election

( – With the 2024 presidential election under six months away, it’s looking like a repeat of incumbent Joe Biden and former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. Because of the tensions that played out—and are still playing out—following the 2020 election, many are concerned about fairness. One senator seems to be on the fence as to whether he’ll accept the results of this year’s vote.

On Sunday, May 19, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on “Meet the Press,” with host Kristen Welker. One of the topics that came up is the 2024 election and the controversy surrounding the rematch. In 2020, Trump professed that he was the rightful winner, paving the way for the January 6, 2021, riots and other turmoil. Court cases are still playing out in several swing states.

When Welker asked Rubio if he would “accept the election results… no matter what happens,” the Florida senator said “no.” He said, “If it’s an unfair election, [he thinks] it’s going to be contested… by either side.”

Rubio then pointed to the Democratic Party’s record of opposing every Republican win since 2000, when George W. Bush narrowly edged out Al Gore in a battle that came down to Florida. At the time, Bush’s younger brother, Jeb Bush, was governor of the Sunshine State. The votes were close, and a recount ensued. The Democratic candidates in that election and future elections eventually conceded, something Trump has refused to do.

Rubio refused to comment on Trump’s actions in 2020, including his refusal to accept that he lost the election. However, the Florida senator did certify the vote in 2021 and stated that “democracy is held together by people’s confidence in the election.”

Rubio is speculated to be on the short list of Trump’s vice presidential candidates, but he refused to confirm whether he would agree if he was chosen. He would have to move out of Florida if he was picked. Trump is expected to announce his pick in July at the Republican convention.

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