Mayorkas Impeachment Articles Greenlit by House Republicans

( – There’s no doubt that the situation at the southern border is out of control. Millions of migrants have poured into the United States since President Joe Biden took office in 2021. Republicans have made it clear that they blame his administration’s failed policies for the dire situation. To that effect, House Conservatives have targeted Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and recently voted to advance impeachment articles against him.

On Wednesday, January 31, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Mark Green (R-TN), released a statement on the move. He said, “For three years, Secretary Mayorkas has willfully and systemically refused to comply with” Congressional laws and “breached the public trust” in failing to carry out laws that would protect the border.

The articles of impeachment spell out multiple allegations centered on his perceived failure to obey laws on border security and immigration, leading to “unprecedented levels” of illegal border crossings.

The House Committee voted 18 to 15 along party lines to advance the measure. While House Republicans lauded the move, Democrats were singing an entirely different tune, calling the accusations “baseless” and “anti-immigrant rhetoric.” Yet, the matter is expected to be brought forth for a full House vote soon, according to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

It’s not clear if the House has enough votes to push it through to the Senate, as some moderate Republicans may not be on board with the impeachment process. If the vote does happen to pass, Mayorkas will be only the second Cabinet member to be impeached. The last one happened nearly 150 years ago, in 1876, when Congress impeached William Belknap, who was secretary of war to then-President Ulysses S. Grant.

Should it pass through to the Senate, where it will go to trial, and Democrats hold a slim majority, it will likely stall and die out there. The same thing happened with Belknap.

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