Middle School Students Hospitalized After THC-Laden Snacks

(NewsSpace.com) – Kids often bring snacks to school to share with others for special occasions like birthdays or holiday celebrations. In some schools, they are told to avoid specific types of snacks, such as those containing known allergens. However, it appears two students thought it would be fun to add other substances to a well-known treat, and the experience ended with several people hospitalized.

On Friday, December 1, two students brought Rice Krispies Treats to school. But they weren’t just ordinary treats. These were laced with a special substance, later identified as THC. It resulted in some negative experiences, as seven middle schoolers landed in the hospital after consuming it. Police and first responders were called to the school after several students got sick, including one who dropped to the floor and had a seizure.

Upon further investigation, police discovered that not only were the treats laced with THC, but it was a planned group activity to consume them. Every student who ate the sweet, according to Concord Police, knew they were consuming the drug. An estimated seven to 20 students participated in the group “activity.” But two were arrested for their part in the scheme.

Authorities charged both students, who were not identified due to their ages. One is facing two counts of possession with intent to deliver a Schedule VI drug. The other has been charged with a single count of possession with intent to deliver a Schedule 1 drug. Police say there could be more arrests coming. During the course of the investigation, law enforcement also recovered psilocybin mushrooms, an illegal psychedelic that students confessed to knowingly taking.

Parents were understandably outraged, with one saying the school should issue “an apology personally and publicly” because they didn’t contact parents and “there were kids in the emergency room by themselves.” Police have urged parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of taking THC and edibles, among other substances.

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