Missing Firefighters Found Dead Under Bizarre Circumstances

(NewsSpace.com) – Most times, when relationships come to an end, couples go their separate ways without any additional drama. Sometimes, however, the unions are so toxic, they result in cases that make the news. Such was the situation with two firefighters from Georgia.

Raegan Anderson, 25, and Chandler Kuhbander, 24, were in a relationship for more than seven years, a union his mother, Jane Kuhbander, said was “toxic.” The two split up, a move that Anderson reportedly was not happy about. Kuhbander’s mother said the young woman had trouble accepting the situation and had recently keyed his car after he went on a date with another woman.

It escalated from there. On June 24, Kuhbander was working out in a local gym. He later planned to attend his sister’s birthday party, but never made it. Surveillance video later showed Anderson circling the parking lot of the facility while he was inside. When he came out of the gym, he headed toward his car. Instead, she approached him, and he got into her vehicle, a Ford Focus. His mother believes Anderson coerced him “under duress.” He was never seen alive again.

After he went missing, Chandler’s mother took to Facebook to relay her fears that his ex-girlfriend was not mentally okay and posed a “danger to herself.” She even said the woman had written a suicide note to her son. Mrs. Kuhbander said that despite the fact that the pair had broken up, her son was still very attentive to Anderson, trying to comfort her, though there were times he told her to stop harassing him.

A few days after Kuhbander and Anderson disappeared, their bodies were found 450 miles north, in Tennessee, inside Anderson’s vehicle. Authorities are waiting on an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Police have not yet released any details about how the pair died, or the events leading up to their deaths.

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