More Than 45,000 Cast “Uncommitted” Votes in the Minnesota Democratic Primary

( – There’s no doubt that voters are becoming jaded with their choices when casting their votes for the primary. Poll after poll has shown faith in President Joe Biden is on the decline. In fact, even Democrats are on the fence when it comes to the incumbent, particularly in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict. They’re making their voices heard in what’s known as protest votes.

During the Super Tuesday races, voters in several states headed to the ballots to select their candidates. Biden, facing very little competition, except from Rep. Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson, was the predominant winner. But, tens of thousands of people also cast their vote for “uncommitted” or “no preference” in protest of his handling of the war in the Middle East. Progressives are especially up in arms around his policies regarding Israel.

That was clear in Minnesota, where, despite winning 70.7% of the vote, nearly 46,000 people cast their ballots for “uncommitted.” That’s 18.9% of the vote. Rep. Dean Phillips was also on the Democratic ticket, and despite Minnesota being his home state, he ended up in third place, with 18,960 votes, or 7.8%. He tweeted a tongue-in-cheek comment on X, formerly Twitter, acknowledging his failure.

In Michigan, something similar played out, but with more than double the number of people, 101,457, casting ballots for “uncommitted.” Voters in the state had run a campaign urging people to vote for “Uncommitted” as a display of protest, urging Biden to call a ceasefire in the war on Gaza.

So what does that mean for Biden? In the short term, nothing. He’s the incumbent on the ticket and currently has 1,542 of the 1,968 delegates needed. However, it’s a sign that constituents are getting fed up with the way politics are playing out and is meant to send a message to the current president.

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