Multicultural Americans To Become the Majority by 2050, Survey Says

( – The United States is one big melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. It’s one of the most diverse countries in the world, something that it prides itself on. However, it could end up being more diverse in a few decades. A recent analysis found that within 30 years, the majority of the US population will be non-white.

More than 330 million people are currently living in the US. According to The Hill, the Collage Group took data from the American Community Survey, which shows that 192.2 million Americans, approximately 58% of the population, are white. The other 141.1 million are comprised of black, Asian, Hispanic, and other races. In the coming years, that’s expected to change.

One group expected to have the most population growth, approximately 6%, is Hispanics. On the flip side, the white-only population is expected to decrease by around 11%. Some of the shift is said to be because of immigration. The director of multicultural insights at Collage Group, Sudipti Kumar, said the growth of these populations would lead to the “segments wield[ing] immense influence” and could lead to significant shifts in how brands and organizations represent their products in the future.

Another impact that the shift could have is on the political climate. Right now, more than 30% of specific groups — Hispanic, Asian, and black people — lean liberal. The population shift could lead to more liberal supporters and change the face of politics in the future. Of the three named groups, black people were the highest, at 37%.

Other factors the report evaluated involved which groups were likely to own their homes (white and Asian populations), and it also assessed the highest-earning group (Asian-Americans). The change in diversity could also spell out a need for foreign language services in the future, since some of the groups tend to speak non-English languages at home.

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