MyPillow CEO Must Pay $5 Million To Developer After “Prove Mike Wrong” Challenge

( – Following the 2020 election, several prominent naysayers were convinced there was some type of interference that resulted in Joe Biden being declared the winner. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was one of them. He was so confident in his assertion that he claimed no one could prove the data he had wasn’t valid, thereby launching the “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge.” Now, a court has ruled he has to pay someone who won the contest.

Lindell launched the challenge in 2021 when he hosted a “cyber symposium.” He said if someone could prove the data “unequivocally does NOT reflect information related to the November 2020 election,” he would pay them $5 million. Robert Zeidman took him up on the challenge, saying he thought it would be fun to do and didn’t expect to become as wrapped up in it as he did. When he received the data, he said it “seemed to be random numbers and letters,” per The Washington Post. There were even IP addresses and a flow chart that noted how elections work.

Zeidman eventually submitted a 15-page report spelling out how each instance was lacking important information, namely packet capture data, which shows that the data was captured from the internet in real-time. Challenge judges ruled that Zeidman had not met the requirements, and he then filed an arbitration demand and won. Yet Lindell was not happy with this outcome and filed a motion in state court to have it vacated. A judge refused and mandated that Lindell pay not only the $5 million reward he offered but interest as well. He has to pay within 30 days.

While he’s happy that he won the arbitration, Zeidman thinks that the “chances are probably small that I’ll see it,” but he’s not letting that get him down. The bigger message he’s trying to send is “the lesson that it’s okay to challenge your own beliefs.”

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