On January 1, Minimum-Wage Workers in 22 States Will Receive Hikes

(NewsSpace.com) – Workers across the country have long fought for an increase in the minimum wage, citing the ever-escalating prices of goods and housing. They’ve been met with a lot of pushback from corporations and lawmakers alike. However, that’s set to change soon. In 2024, 22 states are set to increase their minimum wage rates.

On December 21, the Economic Policy Institute, a non-profit think tank based in Washington, DC, reported that nearly half of the states in the country are planning to increase the minimum hourly rate workers get paid. This bump in pay is expected to benefit nearly 10 million workers, more than half, 57.9%, of whom are women.

The federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour, has been stagnant since 2009. Yet, the cost of everything else, including food, gas, utilities, housing, and essentials, has increased.

The pay increase will vary from cents, such as in Michigan which is increasing its minimum rate of $10.10 to $10.33, to dollars, like in Hawaii, where it’s increasing from $12 to $14. With the changes, New Jersey, Maryland, and parts of New York will meet or exceed $15 per hour. The state with the highest minimum hourly rate on January 1 will be Washington, at $16.28. One of its cities, Tukwila, will have the highest minimum wage in the country next year, at $20.29 per hour.

The majority of the changes were enacted because of inflation adjustments (12 states) and legislation (9 states). The remaining two states enacted change through ballot measures.

In addition to the 22 states, 38 counties and cities throughout several states, including California, Colorado, Washington, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Arizona, are also raising their wages above the state’s minimum.

Despite the growing trend of increasing wages, 20 states are maintaining the federal minimum wage rate. Several other states have legislation or ballot measures pending that will result in increased wages over the years, as well. These include Florida, Nebraska, Delaware, Virginia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Illinois.

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