Online Users Have Criticized Wheel Of Fortune Over Its Dubious Final Puzzle

( – “Wheel of Fortune” has been challenging people to answer word puzzles since 1975. The game show has had many memorable moments, and even some that incensed viewers. After a recent episode aired, those viewers had a lot to say about the final puzzle.

On Tuesday, February 27, a contestant on the show, Amy, made it to the final round, where she had the chance to try to solve the bonus puzzle for an additional $40,000 prize. She struggled to fill in the blanks and ended up guessing incorrectly.

The solution: Wide Empty Field.

That immediately had people taking to social media to call out the game show for its perceived failure. Among the complaints was the statement that a wide empty field “doesn’t exist.” One X (formerly Twitter) user, was quick to point out that a field has grass, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a field, and typically insects and plants.

Despite losing the final puzzle, the contestant remained happy because she still won tens of thousands of dollars in the game, and even managed to secure a trip to Iceland. The game show has not commented on the bonus puzzle phrase.

This isn’t the only controversy the show has experienced lately. In late January, another contestant, Megan, made it to the final round, where the answer was “pink orchid.” While she spit out a number of guesses, the show determined she didn’t say the right terms, but after it ended, social media users were quick to take to platforms and say she was “robbed” of the $40,000 prize. One person said Megan definitely gave the right answer at the beginning.

“Wheel of Fortune” is about to see a notable change this year. Host Pat Sajak, who has been the face of the show since 1981, announced last year that he is retiring and that this season will be his final one. Ryan Seacrest is slated to take over later this year.

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