Parents in Conservative Suburbs Supporting Armed Security at Public Schools

( – School shootings in America are a common occurrence. In 2023 alone, there were nearly 350 instances. While there seems to be a decline in shootings this year, several New York school districts in conservative regions have already approved armed security at their institutions.

According to CBS News, nearly two dozen schools in Long Island have plans to hire or have hired armed security guards to patrol the grounds. It’s expected to cost each district $1 million per year. Farmingdale also recently signed on to do the same, noting in a statement on its site that the guards will not be permitted inside schools unless there is an active shooter situation.

Newsday reported that between two counties, Suffolk and Nassau, there are 420,000 students. The measures enacted will safeguard approximately 17% of them. South Huntington School in Long Island was one of the first to hire the guards, citing mass shootings in Newton, Uvalde, and Parkland. The guards are more inconspicuous, but according to Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association executive director Robert Vecchio, it’s “a sad reality” that they’re needed.

The move comes after a coalition of district employees, parents, and students pushed for increased security measures, though many local residents said they knew nothing about it. The decision has received mixed reactions, though. While many parents are happy that there will be additional measures taken to keep their kids safe, others are concerned that it will not serve as a deterrent.

One grandmother speaking to Fox News Digital said she doesn’t want her grandkids hurt. So to her, “a couple of dollars, it’s not gonna kill us. It’s going to save a life.” Another parent said money shouldn’t be a consideration when protecting students, and no amount is too much. Yet, there are still parents who are anti-gun and have expressed their concerns that the move goes too far.

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