Prosecutor Arrives Intoxicated to Crime Scene and Attempts to Dodge DUI Charge

( – When a crime scene is uncovered, police do their best to preserve the evidence and secure the area. Sometimes, prosecutors show up at the scene to speak with authorities handling the case and to get a view of what went down. It’s usually advised that they don’t break the law when they do so, though, as one prosecutor in Vermont found out the hard way.

On the evening of Thursday, January 25, the Vermont State Police were at a Bridport residence “processing a potential crime scene” after an autopsy revealed that the circumstances surrounding a man’s death were suspicious. According to a press release, they called Eva Vekos, the Addison County state attorney, who told them she would visit the scene.

When Vekos arrived, however, around 8:50 p.m., troopers were concerned that she might be under the influence. They reportedly “detected the odor of intoxicants and observed indicators of impairment,” including “slurred speech.” When asked to undergo a sobriety test, she refused. They subsequently placed her under arrest for the charge of DUI – Refusal.

Law enforcement then transported the state attorney to the New Haven police barracks, where she was booked and then released on a citation. She was due to appear back in court on February 12, which she did, and entered a plea of not guilty to the misdemeanor charge against her for driving under the influence.

Court documents uncovered at this time revealed that Vekos allegedly tried to hide the smell by covering her mouth with a scarf. She also reportedly brought up the notion of the police being discreet about the matter, asking one of the officers, Sgt. Eden Neary, if he was aware “that discretion was allowed.” He responded that the “department do[es] not take discretion with DUI,” to which she implied the officers were risking the relationship with the prosecutor’s office.

Following the court hearing, Vekos was released on her own recognizance. She is facing up to two years in prison and/or a $750 fine if found guilty.

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