Putin Surprised by Carlson’s Softball Questioning

(NewsSpace.com) – Media personality Tucker Carlson shocked fans and critics alike when he announced his plans to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. He apparently surprised the Kremlin leader as well, but not because he came prepared with difficult questions. Carlson’s softball approach threw Putin the most.

Carlson’s February 8 interview in Moscow put the world’s spotlight on Putin for roughly two hours. The Russian president hijacked much of the interview, according to The Guardian, kicking it off with a lengthy monologue about his country’s history, starting as far back as the 9th Century. The former Fox News host eventually redirected Putin to current issues, prompting the foreign leader to lash out at Western countries for the lengthy war in Ukraine.

Putin claims Russia and Ukraine were finalizing their peace agreement when leaders from the United States, Great Britain, and several other European countries convinced the former Soviet nation to back out of the deal. He used the interview as a platform to send a message on the matter to US leaders: If Americans want to end the war, then the country needs to end its aid to Ukraine. The fighting, according to Putin, would end “within a few weeks.”

Putin appeared on Russian media following his meeting with Carlson, criticizing the interview for not having enough “sharp questions.” The foreign president said he had been looking forward to having the chance to respond in turn.

During that discussion, he also stated that he preferred President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump. He called the current American leader “more experienced” and “predictable,” although Putin has also praised Trump for potentially crumbling NATO. He added that he would be willing to work with any president who had the support of the US people.

The interview with Carlson marked the first time Putin has spoken with a member of the Western media since February 2022, when Russia first invaded Ukraine.

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