Queer Green Lantern Comic Reboot Flops Hard

(NewsSpace.com) – There’s been a trend towards inclusivity that’s been increasingly prominent in movie and comic book reboots. Disney, for example, cast a black Ariel in its “Little Mermaid” remake. In the DC realm, writers have been working hard to introduce LGBTQIA+ characters, but it’s been met with little success. The latest—a queer Green Lantern—has seemingly flopped despite the author’s pleas for people to go buy the comics.

On October 24, the new “Green Lantern” comics hit the shelves. The new version includes a gay superhero, and the scenes within depict intimate moments between him and his boyfriend. The writer, Tim Sheridan, took to social media last month in an effort to boost its awareness and encourage people to buy it up.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Sheridan urged his “Comic friends! Queer friends! Allies!” to help him “work together to deliver CG a big L,” referencing a group that he says is anti-LGBTQIA+ and “work to take down comics with any hint of diversity.”

To do this, Sheridan urged his followers to buy copies of the comic when it hit the shelves. It seems his pleas fell on deaf ears because the book essentially flopped. It didn’t do well on Amazon or in stores. According to Breitbart, it doesn’t rank highly on Kindle at all. As of the time of writing, it sits at number 42,095 in the Kindle Store and #369 in the Superhero Comics & Graphic Novels category.

This isn’t the only reboot with diverse characters to be met with disinterest. Last year, DC Comics tried to introduce a bisexual Superman, the son of Clark Kent, but it didn’t sell well. The first issue sold nearly 70,000 copies, but sales of subsequent issues dropped below 40,000. Just over a year after the series’ release, it was canceled. Then, there were plans for a black Batman, which insiders say would’ve dramatically affected sales.

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