RFK Jr. Steps Up His Attacks Against Donald Trump

(NewsSpace.com) – The 2024 election is just months away, and the two presumptive nominees, President Joe Biden and former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, are hard at work campaigning. Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. is also trying to secure his slot on the ballot across the country, and he’s taken to attacking Trump in both his campaign speeches and online.

On May 26, RFK Jr. posted a long rant on X, formerly Twitter, about the former president, listing all of the ways he believed Trump went wrong during his time in office. He starts by saying that Trump “scammed American workers” by promising “to bring back manufacturing, raise wages, fix trade deals, close the carried interest loophole, and help small farmers” and doing none of that. In fact, RFK Jr. went so far as to accuse Trump of allowing all of his support for farmers, to the tune of $28 billion, to instead go to big conglomerates.

RFK Jr. said that Trump “inflamed racial tensions” and failed to keep Americans safe. He pointed to the situation in Ukraine and blamed Trump for it happening, saying that everything got worse under the former president. He also accused him of caving during the pandemic.

The candidate followed up his attacks with another post on X on June 11. In this message, he quoted a scoop from Dan Eggen of The Washington Post, which said Trump suggested he’d “fast-track” the merger deals for oil donors. RFK Jr. addressed this by saying that despite Trump saying he wants to “drain the swamp,” he has an affinity for “swamp creatures” because of the power and money they bring to the table.

If elected president, Kennedy said he would replace the Executive Branch lobbyists with those who would advocate for America’s best interests.

RFK Jr. is a long-shot candidate, but he does have the power to swing the pendulum in either candidate’s favor by drawing votes away. It’s not clear who stands to benefit more just yet.

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