Rudy Giuliani’s Birthday Present: An Arizona Indictment Notice

( – Rudy Giuliani once enjoyed a prominent political career. In the aftermath of the planes striking the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, he was dubbed “America’s Mayor.” He’s since fallen a long way. The former attorney was celebrating his birthday recently when he got an unwelcome surprise.

Birthday Party Surprise

On Friday, May 17, Giuliani celebrated his upcoming 80th birthday with friends in Palm Beach County, Florida. The party, held at Republican consultant Caroline Wren’s home, went off with a hitch, but when the former mayor went to leave, he was greeted by agents who served him with an indictment he’d been avoiding for weeks.

Indictment Details

The indictment, which named 18 people, includes a host of charges, including fraud, forgery, and conspiracy, related to the scheme in which the co-conspirators allegedly tried to change the 2020 presidential election results and name former President Donald Trump the winner. Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Boris Epshteyn, one of Trump’s legal strategists, were among those charged. Giuliani was the last of the 18 to be served—because he tried actively for weeks to avoid it. However, they were able to track him down based on his livestreams.

Attorney General Kris Mayes confirmed on social media that the former mayor was, indeed, served as he left the party. Her spokesman, Richie Taylor, noted, “The agents by no means disrupted his event. They waited to serve him outside as he left.” Giuliani’s spokesman confirmed that.

Taunting Comes to an End

Before he was served outside the event, Giuliani had taunted officials on social media. He posted live videos of him at the party and in a now-deleted post, he said if authorities couldn’t locate him by Saturday, “They must dismiss the indictment […] they must concede they can’t count votes.” Taylor disputed that statement, saying there was no deadline to serve Giuliani.

Officials had been trying for weeks to serve the former Trump attorney. He dodged phone calls and certified mail and avoided in-person attempts in New York City. The others were served when the indictment came out, leaving Giuliani as the last man standing. He later claimed that he told authorities where he would be and “accepted service like a gentleman!”

Attorney John Eastman, who was also indicted on the same charges, appeared in court on Friday, May 17. He pleaded not guilty and gave a statement to the press outside, saying he had “zero involvement” and expects to be “fully exonerated.”

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