Special Counsel Jack Smith Apparently Targeted in Christmas Day Swatting Incident

(NewsSpace.com) – Swatting is a very serious crime that involves calling emergency services to report an incident with the intent of eliciting a heavily armed law enforcement response. Targeted victims have died after police and SWAT teams rushed to a scene ready to act. Several lawmakers, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY), have been targeted. A report revealed that Jack Smith, the special counsel involved in two of former President Donald Trump’s criminal cases, was the most recent victim.

According to NBC News, Special Counsel Jack Smith was at his home on Christmas Day when authorities received a call that he had shot his wife at their home in Maryland. The message elicited a strong police response, and Montgomery County Police dispatched several units to the home before it was told the call was a false alarm.

Smith, who has reportedly been a target of “intimidating communication” and “multiple threats” following Trump’s alleged incendiary posts, refused to comment on the incident. The US Marshals who notified the Montgomery County PD of the false alarm also refused to speak with news outlets.

Yet Smith isn’t the only one who has recently been a swatting target. On Sunday, January 7, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department said it received a call that there was a shooting at a Washington, DC, home. That home turned out to belong to US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing the case where Trump is accused of interfering in a federal election. Fortunately, the situation was contained quickly and without injury.

Chutkan has also been the recipient of several threats, including one call she received from a supposed Trump supporter who called her chambers to make racist threats against her.

There have not been any arrests made in either of the swatting incidents that have taken place against Smith and Chutkan.

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