Surprise – Biden Beating Trump In Recent Polls

( – Barring any unforeseen surprises, President Joe Biden will face off against his predecessor at the ballots on November 5. The 2020 election was fraught with controversy that’s still playing out today and it’s likely to lead to some tension along the campaign trail. It’s also expected to be a very close race. Where Trump has been leading some polls with a very thin margin, it seems the pendulum is now swinging the other way.

New Polls Shining in Biden’s Favor

Newsweek recently reported that Biden is trending ahead of Trump in 10 different polls conducted in March or April. The margins are slim, however, with a 1% to 4% lead, with most trending at 1%. However, this is a notable shift from earlier polls that showed Trump narrowly leading Biden.

  • Florida Atlantic University and Mainstreet: Biden 47%, Trump 45%
  • RMG Research: Biden 44%, Trump 43%
  • Data for Progress: Biden 47%, Trump 46%
  • Ipsos: Biden 41%, Trump 37%
  • Quinnipiac University: Biden 48%, Trump 45%
  • Marquette Law School: Biden 45%, Trump 44%
  • Marist College: Biden 50%, Trump 48%
  • I&I/TIPP: Biden 43%, Trump 40%
  • Noble Predictive: Biden 44%, Trump 43%
  • Progress Action Fund: Biden 46%, Trump 45%

Another poll that has Biden narrowing the lead is the most recent The New York Times/Siena College survey. Among 1,059 registered voters polled between April 7 to 11, 46% said they’d vote for Trump and 45% for Biden, with 8% undecided. In the prior survey, Trump was leading 48% to 43%, with 10% undecided.

One thing these polls all have in common is that they don’t definitely point one way or another.

What Does It Mean?

As of the time of writing, voters have more than six months before they head to the booths, though early voting will be available for those who need it. This far out, it’s impossible to determine who the winner will be. Though Biden may be leading some polls today, that will likely change over time and alternate between the two candidates before results are finalized in November. These surveys are just an indication of where things stand at a particular point in time and are not an indication of a sure outcome.

Over the next few months, policy and campaigning will help voters make up their minds. Debating could help, too, but there are no scheduled ones upcoming. A coalition of news outlets has urged both parties to set dates. Trump, despite not attending any of the Republican primary debates, has indicated he’s ready to take on Biden “anytime, anywhere, any place,” but the current POTUS has remained mum on the issue. It’s unclear whether he will take Trump up on the challenge, and if he does, how many times the two will face off.

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