Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Threaten to Sue College Student

(NewsSpace.com) – Taylor Swift is one of the top performers of this generation. She has a massive sold-out tour and recently announced she was dropping another album. Her stardom requires that she travel quite a bit, and instead of flying commercially, Swift has her own private jet that she uses regularly. Now, she is threatening to sue a college student who tracks her flights and posts the information on social media.

In December 2023, Swift’s legal team sent Jack Sweeney, who attends the University of Central Florida (UCF), a cease-and-desist letter demanding that he stop his “stalking and harassing behavior.” They claim that his social media accounts, which post her flight tracking information using publicly available data, have caused the singer and her family “direct and irreparable harm,” which includes “emotional and physical distress.” If he persisted, they threatened to “pursue any and all legal remedies,” according to The Washington Post.

Katie Wright Morrone, the attorney who drafted the letter, said while it may be fun and games to Sweeney, “it is a life-or-death matter for” Swift. The Washington Post asked if there was evidence connecting some of the singer’s stalkers—who have shown up outside her homes—to the use of the flight tracking accounts, to which her spokesperson, Tree Paine, said she wouldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation, but the timing certainly lined up. She further elaborated that Sweeney’s “posts tell you exactly when and where she would be.”

Sweeney isn’t worried about the letter or the threats, saying the information is publicly available and the letter’s timing coincided with criticism she received about the carbon footprint her jet was leaving. He said simply, “Her team thinks they can control the world.”

The college student has been in trouble before for his jet-tracking activities, either. In 2022, Elon Musk banned the college student from X, formerly Twitter, for posting his tracking information, which he called “assassination coordinates.”

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