Texas Will Continue To Erect Razor Wire at Borders, Says LT. Gov. Dan Patrick

(NewsSpace.com) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has been involved in a long-time battle with the federal government over the immigration issue. It doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

In 2021, with millions of migrants pouring into the US, Abbott had enough of President Joe Biden’s policies and took matters into his own hands, launching Operation Lone Star. One of the things he did was instruct the Texas National Guard to erect razor wire to keep illegal immigrants out. The Biden Administration sued, saying it was preventing federal agents, such as Customs and Border Protection, from doing their jobs and putting migrants’ lives at risk. The matter went all the way to the Supreme Court, but despite its ruling, the state insists it will continue to place the barrier.

On Monday, January 29, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appeared on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” and discussed the ongoing battle between the state and federal governments. Patrick made it clear that Texas has no plans to stop placing the barrier at the border to keep migrants out. The Supreme Court ruling doesn’t explicitly stop the state from erecting the wire, but it does allow federal agents to go in and remove it to carry out their jobs.

Patrick said that Biden has yet to send officials to the border, something he’s thankful for because, despite the contentious issue, he says, “We don’t want a confrontation, but we want this border secure.” He said if they cut the wire, Texas will replace it and continue to replace it.

Several Republicans have lamented the SCOTUS ruling, saying since the federal government won’t protect the United States, it’s up to Abbott and the state’s National Guard to do so. Abbott himself agreed, saying the troops continue “to hold the line in Eagle Pass.” Twenty-six GOP attorneys general sent a letter demanding that the Biden Administration “enforce the laws that secure the southern border.”

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