The DOJ Is Suing Two Prolife Organizations For Breaches Of The FACE Act

( – The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act makes it a federal crime if someone uses the threat of force, actual force, or physical obstruction in trying to prevent another person from providing or obtaining reproductive healthcare services. Yet, it happens regularly. Now, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing two pro-life organizations for doing just that.

On Monday, May 20, the DOJ Office of Public Affairs announced it had filed a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Ohio. The defendants are two pro-life organizations and seven individuals who have allegedly violated the FACE Act.

According to the complaint, Red Rose Rescue and Citizens for a Pro Life Society tried to physically obstruct two Ohio facilities and prevent them from providing services on two days in June 2021. In doing so, they also tried to prevent patients from receiving them. Seven individuals are named in the complaint, as well:

  • Laura Gies
  • Clara McDonald
  • Lauren Handy
  • Jay Smith
  • Monica Miller
  • Audrey Whipple
  • Christopher Moscinski

The individuals are from neighboring states, including Michigan, New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Three of the named defendants are currently incarcerated, though it’s not clear what charges they are jailed on.

The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of compensatory damages and monetary penalties, as well as injunctive relief, to prevent groups and individuals from engaging in such acts in the future.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said the defendants engaged in “unlawful” activity in trying to obstruct patients and providers alike. The US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Rebecca Lutzko, said “individuals have the right to access facilities […] to make decisions about their own bodies, health, and futures” without the risk of force, obstruction, or intimidation.

The DOJ further said that anyone who faces civil rights violations, including those under the FACE Act, can notify the hotline at 855-365-2485.

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