THIS Pop Song Summons Evil, According to Exorcist

( – Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers in the world. Throughout her career, her shows have sold millions of tickets and drawn in record-breaking crowds. Both a cultural icon and a musical legend, her songs are sung by numerous devotees. 

This week, however, one song in particular drew concern from an exorcist, who said the pop star might be spiritually endangering those who attend her latest concerts. 

Father Dan Reehil, attached to the Diocese of Nashville, told ChurchPOP that Swift may be unwittingly summoning demons, as she continues to perform the song “Willow” on tour. The song, in which Swift uses fire and Earth elements, is claimed to resemble the incantations of witches. This portion of the live show is also accessorized with capes and orbs.

Reehil fears demons will “take deep note” of the act and “who she’s influencing.” What’s more, the exorcist says in a YouTube video that at the concerts, the little girls attending who “literally sort of worship her” are put in the troubling “position where they could be attacked by demonic forces.” He advises people to just skip the concert because if they do go, they’re putting themselves “in a very dangerous position.”

In the face of this warning, some people have started and signed a petition on asking the singer “to reject witchcraft and instead turn to Christ.” As of November 30, it has been signed by more than 3,400 readers.

The petition creators also asked that believers spread the word to Swift’s “hundreds of millions of fans” about the spiritual dangers in store, should they decide to attend her shows. The group exhorts the public to pray for her soul, and suggests the singer convert to Christianity instead of promoting witchcraft.

Taylor Swift is hardly the only entertainer to face such criticism. America’s cultural history is full of instances when popular music was met with religious unease, particularly during the Goth Rock period of the 1990s.

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