Trove Of Human Remains At Alleged Serial Killer’s Farm Yields Another Identification

( – In 1996, Herb Baumeister came under serious police scrutiny after his son found human remains on the family’s 18-acre property in Indiana. In the months that followed, law enforcement found much more than they bargained for. All in all, they collected around 10,000 bones and fragments. Nearly 30 years later, they’re still trying to identify the victims. Improvements in technology over the years have resulted in several positive IDs. The most recent victim was identified in May.

In a press release dated May 21, the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office announced it identified the remains of a body dug up 28 years ago. With the help of the FBI, the bones were run through genealogy testing and discovered to be Jeffrey A. Jones. Jones went missing in 1993. He’s the third victim to be identified in the last six months.

In December 2023, the coroner’s office was able to positively ID 27-year-old Allen Livingston. He, like Jones, went missing in August 1993. In January, a second victim, 34-year-old Manuel Resendez, was identified. He went missing in 1996.

In addition to those victims, authorities believe they have the DNA profiles of several others and the remains of at least 12 victims. They are continuing to sort through the various bones and fragments, many of which were burned, making identification difficult. Baumeister was thought to lead a double life when his family was away on summer vacations. He allegedly targeted gay men, drew them back to his place, and killed them. He’s also suspected of being involved with the murders of several others who were found in fields or ditches throughout Indiana and Ohio.

Baumeister was never questioned about the remains found on his property. When law enforcement issued a warrant for his arrest, he fled to Ontario, where he committed suicide. He left behind a note but did not admit to murdering anyone, nor did he mention the bodies on his property.

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