Trump Wishes for Economic Crash Before Potential Second Term

( – It’s looking more likely that former President Donald Trump will be the winner of the Republican presidential nomination. He holds a significant lead in many polls, and it doesn’t seem like his closest challengers, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former US Ambassador Nikki Haley, will catch him, as he has a double-point lead over both. Trump recently predicted that the economy was heading toward a crash, and if so, he hopes it will happen before he takes office again.

Trump’s comments came in a recent interview that he wished the economy would crash this year instead of in 2025 because he has no desire to be like former President Herbert Hoover, who took office in 1929. During his first year, the stock market crashed, the precursor to the Great Depression. Trump elaborated and said the current state of the economy is “so fragile” and that the only reason it’s still standing is because it’s “running off the fumes” of his presidency.

The White House immediately rebuked the former president’s statements, saying that a leader shouldn’t hope for Americans to suffer economically and that his comments exposed Republican officials “twisted true colors.”

As of right now, there’s no indication that there’s an economic crash on the horizon, a sentiment that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stands by. She’s quick to note, according to CNN, that there’s a lot of unwarranted pessimism, much of which has been predicted but hasn’t come to fruition. She touts the country’s “strong labor market” and the US stock market for overcoming several events that could have been disastrous, such as the banking turmoil and the concerns over the US reaching its debt limit.

In fact, the US is coming off what’s being described as a banner year for job growth. The unemployment rate as of December 2023 was holding at a steady 3.7%, with the economy adding 216,000 jobs that month alone.

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