Ukraine Claims Russia Just Had the Most Expensive Three Months Since the Start of the War

( – It’s been nearly two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, and it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight anytime soon. Both sides have had losses and gains in terms of land seized and recovered and lives lost. However, it seems as though Moscow has suffered some serious setbacks in the last several months.

On Thursday, February 1, Newsweek reported on the updated figures provided by Ukraine, and if accurate, the last three months have been some of the costliest—in terms of lives and equipment lost—for Russia. According to the data provided, the nation lost more than 26,000 troops and over 300 battle tanks. These casualties added up to the third-costliest month for Russia, behind November and December 2023.

In November, more than 28,000 Russian troops died, and December saw nearly 30,000 losses. All in all, the data provided by Kyiv indicates that the invading country has lost nearly 400,000 of its troops since the war’s inception and more than 6,000 tanks. It’s an astonishing loss that equates to nearly 90% of the troops that Russia started the war with.

Though Moscow has been less than forthcoming about the actual figures, the data provided by Ukrainian officials tends to line up with that of United States intelligence and military officials, though their figures have approximately 315,000 listed as dead or injured. Estonian Defense Minister Kusti Salm believes the aggressor is losing more than 100,000 men each year.

The losses don’t seem to be slowing Russia down. In fact, the military has relied on other measures, including conscription and using prisoners, to refill their battle stations. The country continues to move forward with its goal of annexing Ukrainian territory, having launched new offensives to overturn Ukrainian gains last summer.

Ukraine has not listed its figures, claiming the number lost to be a state secret that could harm its efforts in the war.

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