Ukraine Deploying Kamikaze Drone Boats To Decimate Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

( – Ukraine has been defending itself from Russia’s aggressions for more than two years now. To help it in its efforts, the West has supplied billions of dollars in aid, including munitions. One of the tools Ukraine is using in its fight against Russia is the kamikaze drone boat, and it’s having a significant effect.

The Black Sea sits between Asia and Europe. It’s where Russia has set up some of its naval fleet as a means of projecting power and influence in the region. Ukraine is now challenging the country’s dominance. According to GreatGameIndia, it has been using kamikaze drone boats to take on Russia’s naval ships.

At the Black Sea Security Forum earlier this month, Ukraine debuted the Stalker 5.0, which has a Starlink satellite installed that allows the pilots to view real-time video. The speedboats have 60-horsepower engines that allow them to travel at speeds of up to 46 mph and operate within a range of 372 miles. The real threat is that they can carry warheads weighing up to 330 pounds. That allows them to do some serious damage. It could even destroy the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia’s mainland to Ukraine’s occupied region, Crimea.

The Stalker 5.0 could also be used for humanitarian purposes, to bring food, water, and supplies to remote areas, or as a surveillance tool.

Ukraine’s military intelligence service has been operating drone boats, which have reportedly been in service for quite some time. Popular Mechanics reported back in March that other drone boats were used to sink the Sergey Kotov, a Russian patrol ship, in less than an hour. The vessel was 1,800 tons, supported a crew of up to 80 people, and could house an onboard helicopter. Yet, in under 60 minutes, it was on its way to the floor of the Black Sea. One month prior, Ukraine used unmanned seafaring craft to sink the missile ship Ivanovets.

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