United States Restricts Travel For Employees And Their Families After Iranian Threat

(NewsSpace.com) – The situation in the Middle East is tense, with Israel fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Jewish state also attacked Iran in an airstrike on its Damascus embassy, reportedly killing three of its armed forces’ top commanders and four officers. The country vowed to retaliate, which led to the US restricting travel for its government employees and their families in Israel.

The statement came on Thursday, April 11 from the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Anyone in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza were urged to exercise “caution and increased personal security awareness,” citing the fact that “security environment … can change quickly.” It prohibited government employees and their families from traveling outside the greater Tel Aviv area, which includes Even Yehuda, Netanya, Herzliya, Be’er Sheva, and Jerusalem. The restriction is in place “until further notice.” However, they are permitted to travel within those areas for personal reasons.

The announcement came just under a week after President Joe Biden expressed concerns that Iran would retaliate for the attack on its embassy sooner, rather than later. His fears weren’t unwarranted.

Iran launched a massive attack on Israel on Saturday, April 13, sending a combination of more than 300 drones and missiles at military sites in the country. Most of them were shot down and only an airbase sustained minor damage. Biden noted that the United States helped Israel down “nearly all” of the weapons. This was the first time Iran has directly attacked Israel and experts say that it was likely a warning, calling Israel’s bluff.

Chatham House’s Middle East and North Africa program director Sanam Vakil, said in regards to the attack that Iran “felt [it] needed to do so, because [it sees] the last six months as a persistent effort to set them back across the region.” Israel, in return, vowed to “exact a price.”

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