US Navy Submarine Commander Dismissed for “Loss of Confidence” in His Abilities

( – When service members are promoted to leadership positions, they are held to higher standards. When officials lose confidence in the ability of those leaders, they take the necessary action to remove them. That’s what the Navy recently did with one of its commanders.

In a statement on January 15, the US Navy announced it had removed Capt. Geoffry Patterson from his role as commander of the USS Georgia Blue Crew three days prior. It cited “loss of confidence in his ability to command” as the reason but did not go into detail, as is customary during these types of events. However, he was arrested on January 9 for charges of improper lane change and driving under the influence, which may have led to the decision. He was released on bond.

Speaking with Newsweek, Lt. Spencer Marion said there is an investigation underway, and in the meantime, the captain “has been reassigned to Submarine Group Ten on Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA.” Rear Admiral Thomas Buchanan, who commands the group, is responsible for his dismissal. Patterson is the first one to be relieved of his command in the US Navy this year.

Despite losing one of its leaders, the Navy assured there would be “no impact to operations” and asked that any questions about the release be directed to Submarine Group Ten Public Affairs. In the interim, Navy Capt. Christopher Osborn has taken over commanding the ship.

Capt. Patterson has a long history with the US Navy. He graduated from the US Naval War College with a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies before enlisting as a sailor. He had been commander of the USS Georgia, one of four guided missile submarines used by the US military, since 2022. It can hold up to 154 Tomahawk land-attack crew missiles and currently has a crew of 15 running its operations.

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