Well-Trained Gangs Target Detroit Mansions

(NewsSpace.com) – People who live in affluent areas tend to protect their homes with high-tech cameras and security systems designed to deter would-be robbers. However, these methods don’t always work. A group of criminals in Oakland County, Michigan, is proving that for every precaution one takes, there’s a way of getting around it. Now, authorities are warning those who live in the affluent Detroit areas to be diligent because well-trained gangs are bypassing security measures.

Oakland County, Michigan, has a serious burglary problem. Since September, there have been between 30 and 40 incidents of high-end home robberies. To combat the issue, authorities have created a new task force to help combat the gangs targeting these residences. More than 30 agencies have combined resources to create the Southeast Michigan Collaborate Arrest and Prosecute team, SEMCAP for short.

According to Fox 2, Sheriff Michael Bouchard spoke out about the gangs that are purportedly carrying out the crimes, saying one group in their crosshairs “is very methodical.” The group has also used car trackers and trail cams to map out their targets’ lives and learn their patterns, so they can break into the homes without worrying about getting caught. In order to bypass security systems and alarms, Bouchard says the gangs are using jamming equipment, which disrupts the frequencies, and tend to target homes that are backed by woods or a golf course so they can approach the home undetected.

Click on Detroit reported that police suspect that there’s a South American gang behind the invasions and robberies. They aren’t just targeting anything in the home; they’re going for high-end items, and safes aren’t out of the question. Losses from these break-ins are estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Residents are being asked to keep a lookout and report anything that seems suspicious, such as unusual vehicles in the area. They can call 284-644-4200 to reach the Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety. In the event of an emergency, they are cautioned to call 911.

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