Woman’s Home Robbed While She Attends Her Mother’s Funeral

(NewsSpace.com) – It’s always hard when you have to bury someone you love. In the midst of grieving the loss of her mother, one Texas woman got a surprise—and not of the good kind. Two women broke into her Houston, Texas, home while she was at the funeral and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of belongings.

The incident happened on Tuesday, December 12, as Caryn Papantonakis was attending her mother’s funeral. Her son got a notification from the security camera showing someone breaking into the home. The robbers were inside for approximately 30 minutes

The women involved in the alleged crime—31-year-old Adrianne Hart and 29-year-old Sage Grider—were visible and identified from the footage. The authorities took the duo into custody and charged them with multiple offenses. They’re both charged with felony burglary of habitation.

According to Papantonakis, who called the break-in “such a violation,” her home was ransacked, and approximately $50,000 worth of belongings were stolen from her home. This included jewelry, car keys, the kids’ backpacks, Christmas stockings, and AirPods, which were tracked to the women’s apartment. During the course of the investigation, officers were able to recover some of the stolen goods from the women’s residence directly and also at local pawn shops.

This is not the first time Grider and Hart have allegedly pulled off such a feat. They were charged in 2020 for perpetrating the same crime and were caught with a stolen car, and the trunk was full of stolen goods. They were given probation in that case, which is still active. Authorities also believe the pair are linked to another crime in Houston, a burglary and car theft involving a 97-year-old victim. The repeat offenders might be on the hook for a stronger sentence this time.

Hart will appear in court on January 31, while Grider is expected to go before a judge on February 7. The two women have been ordered to stay away from each other while the case works its way through the system.

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