A Look Back at the Political Career of Sarah Palin

A Look Back at the Political Career of Sarah Palin

(NewsSpace.com) – Politics has a habit of creating divisive figures. Whether on the Right or Left, if you’re forthright and unapologetic about your positions, you’re going to attract your share of critics. Sarah Palin offers us a perfect example of this.

As a vice-presidential candidate and senior figure in Alaskan state politics, Palin was never afraid to stand up and voice her opposition to big government and belief in conservative values. While she attracted a lot of scorn, she also built a large and enthusiastic support base.

Early Political Career

Sarah Palin’s life in politics began when she was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992, before becoming mayor four years later. While serving as mayor, she reduced spending and cut taxes, giving early indications of the libertarian tendencies that would become central to her political career later on.

Governor of Alaska

Palin first ran for the Republican nomination for Alaska’s gubernatorial election in 2002. She was unsuccessful then but won both the nomination and the governorship in 2006. She was the first woman in history to hold the position.

Run for Vice President

Sarah Palin came to national and international fame when she ran for vice president on John McCain’s ticket in 2008. She proved popular with the existing conservative voter base, but caused controversy more generally, attracting criticism for a number of perceived gaffes. The pair lost to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

She later became associated with the Tea Party movement. Named for the Boston Tea Party, which was originally an act of protest against British taxes. The movement was a libertarian wing of the Republican Party that favored decreased taxation, less regulation, and lower public spending.

Palin resigned the governorship of Alaska in 2009 and went on to become a contributor on Fox News. She also published four books and was featured on two television shows.

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