Attorney Says Donald Trump “Has to Be Controlled”

( – Former President Trump is known to proudly speak his mind. Faced with 91 felony charges and two civil trials, however, Trump’s outspoken nature has the potential to land him in hot water. Now, one attorney is saying that he “has to be controlled.”

In Favor of Gag Orders

Joyce Vance, a former federal prosecutor, says it’s important that Trump be restricted by a gag order, because his social media posts are leading his supporters to send disparaging and threatening messages to people tied to the case. One such example is that of Judge Arthur Engoron, who currently presides over Trump’s fraud trial in New York.

Trump posted a picture of Judge Engoron’s chief clerk, Alison R. Greenfield, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), calling her Schumer’s girlfriend and accusing her of running the case against him. In the aftermath, she received “hundreds of threats, disparaging and harassing comments and anti-Semitic messages,” enough to fill 275 single-spaced pages, according to Newsweek. One respondent even called for her execution and threatened to “come for” her, saying “Ain’t nobody gonna stop me either.”

Gag Order Imposed … and Removed

Following Trump’s posting of the picture and comments, Judge Engoron issued a non-dissemination (gag) order and mandated the former president remove the offending post. He later expanded it to Trump’s legal team, which took the gag order issue to the appeals court, calling it “unconstitutional.” The mandate is currently paused while judges consider the matter.

Trump has since made his voice heard, once again placing Greenfield in his crosshairs. He claims she is “Politically Biased & Corrupt” and sits by Engoron’s side and “tell[s] him what to do.”

A member of the court staff has finished gathering all of the threatening messages and filed them in a submission to the appeals court as evidence.

Vance is of the mind that “the judges will decide to uphold the gag order,” due to Trump’s history of unrestrained criticism. According to the attorney, Trump remains steadfast in his accusations, and continues to “inflict this kind of damage …on the system itself.”

The gag order discussed in this article, issued by Judge Tanya Chutkan, has been frozen while it undergoes review in the appeals court.

Trump is also facing gag orders in the election fraud case in Washington, DC.

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