Guinea Pig Kids: This Liberal Family Uses Experimental Homeschooling Methods

( – Many parents distrust traditional education. Instead, an ever-growing number of families attempt to homeschool their children, taking a different approach to the teaching process. In the US and abroad, some have turned to the controversial method of gentle parenting: an unorthodox way of teaching that leaves the student in charge.

In South London, 34-year-old Hannah Megan is the mother of three children, whom she homeschools according to this new philosophy. The youngsters participate in democratic learning groups, where they control their own homework assignments, and choose which subjects to study. The group is even left to interview their own prospective teachers.

Like most advocates of self-directed learning, Megan believes the method engages children in shared responsibilities, while fostering inclusiveness and diversity. On the other hand, she claims traditional schools foist a “hugely outdated curriculum and a stale environment.”

According to the South Londoner, her kids now speak out against traditional schools, and refuse to return.

While the idea of self-directed education is relatively new, it seems to be gaining traction in the UK and in the US. This uptick may be due to social media and influencers, such as Megan, who document their journeys on TikTok before an international audience.

The long-term effects of this homeschooling trend are uncertain, however, and many questions remain unanswered. For instance, will this extraordinary level of control set children up for disappointment in the future, when they join a regimented workforce?

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