Lawyer From the Trump Justice Department Faces Disbarment

( – In the aftermath of the 2020 election, some officials shared the belief that former President Donald Trump was robbed of his win. Many even faced disciplinary action for their actions. Now, one attorney is fighting to keep his law license.

Jeffrey Clark worked in the Department of Justice during the Trump Administration. He served as the assistant attorney general for the agency’s environmental division. When Trump lost, Clark was instrumental in drafting a letter stating that the DOJ had evidence of election fraud and had “identified significant concerns that may have impacted the outcome.” That turned out to be a lie.

In July 2022, the DC Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel brought charges against Clark, accusing him of trying to “engage in conduct involving dishonesty” and that which “would seriously interfere with the administration of justice.” His case recently came before a three-member lawyer disciplinary committee. Clark refused to testify during the trial, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights numerous times.

Former acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen testified against Clark and noted in a statement to POLITICO that “everybody was in agreement except Mr. Clark that the path [he] was advocating was wrong.” Other witnesses testified to Clark’s actions, saying he tried to wield the power of the Justice Department and go beyond its legal or constitutional authority.

After the trial, the disciplinary committee issued a preliminary ruling, finding that Clark violated at least one of the ethics rules attorneys are to abide by. The case still has a ways to go in terms of steps forward, but those who brought the charges have said they plan to seek disbarment. This could prove detrimental for Clark, who is being considered a senior administration official, should Trump win the election later this year.

Clark is also facing charges in Georgia, where he was one of more than a dozen people indicted for allegedly trying to overturn Georgia’s results. He has pleaded not guilty to two charges, including violations of the RICO Act.

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